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About “Siyanda is an on-line database of gender and development materials from around the world. It is also an interactive space where gender practitioners can share ideas, experiences and resources.”

Here’s an example of the kinds of resources there:
Title: Islamic Feminism Revisited
Author: Badran, M.
Publication Date: February 2006
Publisher : Al-Ahram Weekly
Summary Source: Author
Summary :Islamic Feminism is defined as a feminist discourse and practice that derives its understanding and mandate from the Qur’an. It seeks rights and justice within the framework of gender equality for women and men. Islamic Feminism has taken on the two-fold task of exposing and eradicating patriarchal ideas and practices, which are often described as Islamic, and to recuperate Islam’s core idea of gender equality (indivisible from human equality). Islamic Feminism continues to be widely embraced by proponents of gender justice and social justice. … It has also incurred enemies from within and outside the Muslim community: from within – men who fear the loss of patriarchal privilege and women who fear the loss of patriarchal protection, and from outside – those whose pleasure and politics are found in denigrating Islam as irredeemably anti-women. The article, a follow-up to an earlier piece published four years ago (titled: Islamic Feminism: What’s in a Name) surveys recent developments. Earlier examples of this dynamic and varied inter-Islamic phenomenon are provided, from Iran, South Africa and North America. Recent examples include a look at events in Morocco (the revised Moroccan Mudawwana or personal status law); Indonesia (the new Indonesian draft family law); and the United States (women acting as imams or preachers leading the Friday service).
Complete Document:


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