Mark Your Calendars! WS Spring 07 Events Still To Come –

Monday Brownbag Events
Noon in Beach Hall Room 425 (unless otherwise indicated)


Feminist Pedagogy
Speaker: Dr. Elaine Dalmolin – Modern & Classical Languages
Topic: French Feminisms


Spotlight on Faculty
Dr. Nina Dayton, History
Topic: Women in the Migration Streams and Labor Markets of Pre-Revolutionary Boston


Invited Speaker Spotlight
Speaker: Dr. Jean O’Riley
Location: Asian American Cultural Center, Student Union Room 428
Topic: Women and Sports in the United States: A Documentary Reader (New undergraduate textbook for courses in sports and gender studies, ISBN1-55553-671-9)


Feminist Pedagogy
Speaker: Dr. Kathryn Libal, WS & Anthropology
Topic: Facilitating Meaningful Discussion in the Women’s Studies Classroom

Other Non-Monday events:
March 27, Tuesday

Invited Speaker: Dr. Kimberley Springer
Topic: Not Your Video Ho: Black Female Sexuality in a Post-Feminist and Post-Civil Rights Era
Location: Women’s Center Programming Room
Time: 1:00 – 3:00 PM

Please mark your calendars and see you there!

Please email with any questions or for schedule updates


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  1. The stereotype of a mammy is really part of many women’s existence. How do you differentiate the role by race? The caregiver is such an integral part of cultural female life — I feel it from literature, music, film, society….. Can a woman resist?

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