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Emergency Contraception Bill: Urge the Governor to sign it NOW!

Wednesday at the UConn Women’s Advance Conference at the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, I has the pleasure of attending a presentation by the new director of the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, Teresa Younger, and one of her Legislative Assistants, Michelle Noehren (a recent UConn grad). Teresa is eloquent and very wise to the ways of politics and I believe we will see some great work coming from that office in the coming year.

ACTION ITEM: The Emergency Contraception bill (Compassionate Care) just passed both Senate and House and is waiting on Jodi Rell’s desk for signature. Teresa and Michelle urged us all to CALL the Governor’s office 860-566-4840. They said phone calls to our legislators have the highest impact on them. Only 5 calls on an issue can be more powerful than many signatures on a petition.

The bill passed with great majority in both houses so it’s unlikely that she will veto it but she did say last year that if it passed she would veto it. PCSW mentioned that we ought to ask for a public signing of the bill as well to show the importance of the bill which is now pressing its way across the country to other states who do not have a similar measure.

So, please give our dear Gov a call. Keep the wave in motion. Please forward this note to all others who may want to call her as well.

Again, her number is 860-566-4840

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