Pro-choice legal news: NJ Supreme Court decision

NYT blog: New Jersey’s Top Court Rejects Suit on Abortion
In its unanimous decision, the New Jersey court ruled that, contrary to what the woman’s lawyer had argued, her doctor had “no legal duty” to tell her that her six-to-eight-week-old embryo was “a complete, separate, unique and irreplaceable human being.”

Justice Barry T. Albin, who wrote the 5-to-0 decision, said, “There is not even remotely a consensus among New Jersey’s medical community or citizenry that the plaintiff’s assertions are medical facts, as opposed to firmly held moral, philosophical and religious beliefs, to support the establishment of the duty she would impose on all physicians.”

Unanimous Responsible Jurisprudence |

Here, of course, is the real question. It is a baby? Or is it merely tissue? This case brings a pressing political issue into sharp relief: If doctors are supposed refrain from providing moral judgement, where is the line between science and public morality?

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