RefWorks comes to UConn

For all you Women’s Studies scholars in our community, trying to manage those hundreds of citations to research for your current projects and those for future reference can be a daunting task.

Now, the University of Connecticut is providing you with a great tool to store, organize, share (with other UConn faculty and students and your colleagues wherever they may be), and annotate those records.

RefWorks logo

RefWorks, a bibliographic management software application, can directly export records from most library databases. It works with Zotero for your Web site citations, too. It’s simple and very powerful.

Sign up for an account by going to . Choose your own username and password but you must enter your email to be authenticated.

Take a look at a folder of references that I am sharing. Manipulate it, make a bibliography, download it. Experiment. It will be a great teaching tool, too. Your classes can create a group bibliography(ies). And the citations keep the UConn Links functionality associated with the article so knowing which database you found it in is not an issue!

Questions? Leave a comment here. Or just contact me or Abbey Willis (the RefWorks diva in Beach).  We’ll both be happy to get you started.  Or get a group together and we’ll do a workshop in the library.  Let me know!


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