New DVD at Babbidge: Sita, a Girl from Jambu

Sita, a Girl from Jambu

Sita, a Girl from Jambu

by Kathleen J Man

“SITA shows a complex and original narrative strategy rare in documentaries, and perfect for its subject matter.”
Sarah Kozloff, Professor of Film, Vassar College


“Sita” tells the story of a young Nepalese girl who is trafficked into sexual slavery. Adapted from “Bichari (Poor) Sita,” a street drama conceived and staged by village girls in rural Nepal, the film also incorporates footage of a public performance of the play. An innovative blend of documentary and fiction, “Sita” expands our notion of cinematic genre and extends the broader social message that people can make a difference in their communities. It was shot entirely on location in Nepal during the escalation of the Maoist rebellion, within a year of King Gyanendra’s coup on February 1, 2005. Appropriate for:
High School•College/University 48 minutes • DVD

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