Women’s Bioethics Blog: Are you a Bully?

Women’s Bioethics Blog: Are you a Bully?

Now it is time to end the silence: There is a hidden culture of girls’ aggression in which bullying is epidemic, distinctive and destructive. It is not marked by the direct physical and verbal behavior that is primarily the province of boys. Our culture refuses girls access to open conflict, and it forces their aggression into nonphysical, indirect and covert forms. Girls use backbiting, exclusion, rumors, name-calling, and manipulation to inflict psychological pain on targeted victims. Unlike boys, who tend to bully acquaintances or strangers, girls frequently attack within tightly knit networks of friends, making aggression harder to identify and intensify the damage to the victims.

The book Odd Girl Out: the Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls by Rachel Simmons describes the hidden culture of aggression, where girls fight with body language and relationships instead of fists and knives. In this world, friendship is a weapon, and the sting of a shout pales in comparison to a day of someone’s silence.

******* Read the entire article at Women’s Bioethics Blog: Are you a Bully?


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