National Women’s Law Center: Fair Pay Facts & Figures

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 : Equal Pay Day

Facts & Figures

Although the majority of Americans say that they are concerned about the economy, women are more likely than men to be worried and concerned about their economic prospects. Their concerns are certainly valid; women are far more likely to live in poverty than men, and the small gains that some women made in 2007 may already have been wiped out by the job losses and soaring prices for food, energy, child care, and health care seen in 2008.

Yet even when the economy is stable, women face continuing wage disparities that unfairly reduce their incomes. Women working full-time, year-round are paid only about 78 cents for every dollar earned by men. For women of color, the numbers are even worse — African-American women earn 69 cents and Latinas earn 59 cents for every dollar paid to men. This wage gap cannot be dismissed as the result of “women’s choices” in career and family matters. In fact, authoritative studies show that even when all relevant career and family attributes are taken into account, there is still a significant, unexplained gap in men’s and women’s earnings. Thus, even when women make the same career choices as men and work the same hours, they still earn less.

via Fair Pay.


One Response

  1. Here is the REAL reason why women earn less than men: They have different expectations in life, and the female preference for rich men forces men to earn more.

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