US: Act to Prevent Rape in War | Human Rights Watch

Today there’s a hearing in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee co-sponored by Barbara Boxer and Russ Feingold to agree to put pressure on the United Nations to ACT not simply report on rape in war

Sexual violence against women and girls has been a horrifying characteristic of all recent armed conflicts and many post-conflict situations. Human Rights Watch has documented this violence in countries ranging from Darfur and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the former Yugoslavia. The research also shows that the perpetrators of these crimes rarely are brought to justice. In many conflict areas, seeking justice for sexual violence is difficult, often dangerous, and frequently very costly.

Marianne Mollmann, women’s rights advocate at Human Rights Watch, said:

“Stopping rape in war is as bipartisan as it gets. Here, the Senate really can come together and speak with one voice to benefit women worldwide by urging the United Nations to put its money where its mouth is and appoint a special representative to tackle this issue head on.”

See the article for more information and a link to the document provided by HRW.


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