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More on baby gender selection and discounts

Sometimes people may wonder how librarians find the information they do.  It’s genetic. My profs in Library school called it having an I-gene. But that I-gene can really lead to some strange travels, one of which I had today.

June 22, 2009 Web excursion:

Went back to Contexts.org/ (sociology site of great interest), went to their blogs section and found a blog posting on an issue I had blogged about recently — Baby gender control. So I clicked:


At the end of the article, I learned a new term:

“By the way, on a discursive note, sex selection is called “family balancing” by some clinics. What an excellent example of re-framing!”

Love learning new terms. 🙂

So, I searched Google for “family balancing”

19,000 results the first of which was GenSelect.com


Okay, I’ll bite.  After all there’s a money back Gender Guarantee. 🙂


Is this a hoax site? As seen on TV? BBBOnLine? Looks a bit hokey to me but I decide to plod on.


Wow! Lots of different kits for baby boy and baby girl making. What would my old granny have said? Then I hit the jackpot:

Found a 15% Discount if I went to Mommieswithstyle.com and searched on GenSelect. So I did…


Of course, I didn’t tell you about trying to decide which kind of Mommy I am — classic, trendy, retro, or princess.

Oh my, I am glad I don’t have to debate all these choices.

Drizzle drazzle drozzle drone… Time for this one to go home.


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