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Vital Voices Blog » Study Reveals 10,000 Women Sex-Trafficked Every Year in Mexico

Vital Voices Blog » Study Reveals 10,000 Women Sex-Trafficked Every Year in Mexico.

In a study presented on July 20 in Monterrey, Mexico, data revealed that approximately 10,000 women are trafficked for sexual exploitation annually from southern and central Mexico into northern Mexico. The Latin American Herald Tribune reports that the study found that women were most commonly trafficked under the guise of lucrative employment, often shown photographs that misrepresented the cities into which they would be trafficked.

Study coordinator Arum Kumar expanded on the regularity of domestic trafficking: “It is estimated that out of every 10 women trafficked [from southern and central Mexican states]…three are taken to the United States and seven are exploited within the country.” Kumar went on to say, “Mexico is the leading destination for sexual tourism in all Latin America and has become known as the Bangkok of Latin America.”

The expert noted that trafficking of women is a form of violence against women “that Mexican authorities and society in general have to face and fight,” as the Tribune describes.

Mexican Sex Traffickers Victimize 10,000 Women Every Year- Latin American Herald Tribune


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