Catherine Odora Hoppers and authentic research and teaching

Catherine Odora Hoppers is the South African Research Chair in Development Education, University of South Africa. She is a UNESCO expert in basic education and lifelong learning, and is a policy specialist and senior consultant to multilateral and bilateral agencies on education, international development, North-South questions, social policy, disarmament, peace, and human security.

Her excerpted talk here presents thoughtful arguments for both being thoughtful and responsible in choosing research topics — “owning” the question as she says — being brave and mixing those academic silos and breaking down the separations in academia if it is necessary for your research, and about the importance of love when teaching. Inspiring.


4 Responses

  1. Ms Hoppers only reinforces what I always tell myself and my students.
    What your chosen path in life is, must be met with utmost passion, an inner desire- that your chosen actions only perfects it.
    Guess you know when your spirit contects- with your choices- if you choose anything other it makes you uncomfortable.and in the world of academia- one thing you cannot hide is that “incomfortable-ist”- people know when you are not in harmony with with what you are saying.
    very inspirational indeed.

  2. Prof Hoopers is a ‘state of the art’ eloquent and a ‘must see/hear’ for interdiciplinary researchers and development practitioners.

    I find her simply fantastic.Ubuntu still needs to be further understood and how its context has sustained generations of the ‘other’

  3. I was privileged today to attend a talk by Prof Hoppers, what an inspiration!

  4. How wonderful to hear you could attend one of her talks. I have only heard her on the Web and read her words. It is an experience I hope to have, to hear her in person, in the future. I wish you continued inspiration!

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