Equal Pay Day #fairpay

It’s that day of the year again. April 20. The day that we finally come to parity with men’s pay which they earned by the end of last year.

There’s a $10,622 gap between the median yearly earnings of men and women. That’s $10,622 missing from a woman’s income each year. Without the wage gap, how would your life be different?

Women are notorious for spending money on their families — for good food, clothing, education — things that make life better for those around her.  Take a look at AAUW’s interactive map of the U.S.. Mouse over your state or the state your daughter or sister or brother or aunt or uncle or best friends live. The numbers are there.

Paycheck Fairness Act is currently in committee.  Please urge your Senators to support this bill, and find out more about equal pay for women.

Let’s make next year better.


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