The Palin Lens : Sarah Palin’s grab for feminism

Rebecca Traister writes a good piece here on the complexities of politics and feminism(s).  How one party can be able to “claim” feminism as their own and create it in their own likeness is a worrisome thought.  Is feminism that changeable and delicate that it just can melt down into whatever mold it is poured into? I think not.

But Traister’s point, I believe, is the characteristic unthinking gullibility of  some of our American people.  Fox News will claim feminism next.  That follows.  Hmmm…. feminism as a contested space…. now that’s a (not new at all) thought.  But it is up to people who believe deeply in women’s rights to become a chorus to the world and not keep their thoughts to themselves. Otherwise, the few powerful media voices will be the only ones heard or at least the only ones remembered.

Let’s talk about gender equality in healthcare, employment, education, or the lack thereof.  Let’s talk about economics and how our system takes basic rights away from the people who are the least able to afford it.  Palin’s lens is so microscopic and so gigantically uninformed.

See the article:  Sarah Palin’s grab for feminism in Salon, Tuesday, Jun 1, 2010.


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