From “Womanist Musings”: Not All Women Won The Right to Vote Today

A reality check on the “Equality Day” post — only some women won the right to vote. Thank you to the writer of this blog for surfacing the complexity of this blanket statement.

Can we all just admit that today as the 90th anniversary of women’s right to vote is an absolute crock of shit. If all women were allowed to vote, would the 1965 Voting Rights Act have been necessary? White women weren’t being forced to take literary tests or pay ridiculous poll taxes. These White women seem to think that ignoring the Jim Crow south is not at all problematic. I suppose there was no need for Lyndon Johnson to sign the bill — after all White women were making themselves heard, you know the women that really matter – why consider the millions of disenfranchised WOC? 1920 was a magical year for White women.

I suppose the fact that their First Nations sisters were not considered citizens until 1924, when congress passed the Indian Citizenship Act, thus granting First Nation’s sisters the possibility of suffrage is also unimportant. Hey, isn’t that already four years after women got the vote? It is also important to note, that it wasn’t until Utah granted the right of First Nations people to vote in 1956, that all First Nations people were officially granted nationwide suffrage. For those keeping count, that is 36 years after women gained the right to vote.

Read the post here: Not All Women Won The Right to Vote Today


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