Naomi Klein on Environmental Destruction for Profit

TedWomen Talk, December 2010.

Naomi Klein talks about big business and the risks they take with our world and the life on it. Naomi is not risk averse but her point, well taken, is that if you take a big risk, you should have a plan for recovery just in case it fails. BP Oil, are you listening? Sarah Palin and George Bush, if the guns fail? Canada! O Canada! I never thought you would allow such destruction of your beautiful land for oil that whose production will emit more greenhouse gases than the burning of the oil itself will. Think about it. Can you ever reclaim that land?

Naomi always talks straight.


One Response

  1. Recently I wrote a blog entry offering a leftist critique of the ideology of “Green” environmentalism, deep ecology, eco-feminism, and lifestyle politics in general (veganism, “dumpster diving,” “buying organic,” “locavorism,” etc.). I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the matter and any responses you might have to its criticisms.

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