House Votes to Strip Planned Parenthood of Federal Funding – ABC News

Thank you, Rep. Jackie Speier, for speaking up and clarifying the gross waste of time going on in our House of Representatives. Wake up and stop these “personal vendettas” and help the people of our country to get jobs, healthcare, care for their children, get an education, be able to pay for their food to feed their families. What a travesty is our current House.

The House of Representatives Friday passed a measure to end federal funding for abortion provider Planned Parenthood a day after Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., brought the chamber to stunned silence after describing her own personal experience with abortion.

via House Votes to Strip Planned Parenthood of Federal Funding – ABC News.


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  1. Sad. Every time the House (or any branch of the government for that matter) passes a bill which is more concerned with their special interests and less so with the well-being of the American people, America gets a little closer to eventual social collapse. When will America be the next Egypt? I’m afraid it may soon be the only way out of the mess our politicians and big business has created. Let’s just hope we wake up before it’s too late and change comes without becoming much messier than Egypt’s recent calamity…

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