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What’s in a Label? (via Good Food Health)

Developing systems that sustain healthy life and a healthy planet are arguably the goals of programs which focus on women. “Organic” — what does that mean? And is that the only qualification that we should be looking for in our food purchases and products which use plant products in their production?

I was very intrigued by the following post and the discussions going on within the developing producing organizations. Not only organic but sustainable and good for the planet and us.

It’s time the USDA listened. Clarify the meaning and don’t mislead or misrepresent by virtue of confusion on the qualifications that make something “Organic”. I think we, as the consumers, must lead the way by being informed. Hope you find some new knowledge in the post below

What's in a Label?             You can drive to the store, park your SUV, load a grocery cart with soda pop, candy bars, potato chips, and juice in the box, while sporting the latest and most fashionable outfit and still claim to be “green”, “organic” or “sustainable”.  The marketplace that continues to engulf our everyday lives has certainly caught on to the rising demand for a more natural lifestyle.  What started with a search to de … Read More

via Good Food Health

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  1. Hi Kathy,
    I am the author of Good Food Health and just wanted to thank you for linking to to my blog. It is always great to have more readers sent my way and to know that other writers, foodies and health enthusiasts are appreciating the posts. Would you be interested in setting up cross links between our sites? I would be more than happy to add you to my blog roll if you would do the same for me.
    Sarah – goodfoodhealth.fullcirclefarm.com

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