Why the Komen/Planned Parenthood Breakup—While It Lasted—Was Good for Feminism: from The Nation


A box for the Sephora Collection Pink Eyelash Curler. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Thank you, Amy Schiller, for writing this amazing, illuminating, and clarifying piece. Perfectly phrased, spot on the dilemmas in this world of big marketing strategies and how it uses feminism for own capitalist, patriarchal, and neoliberalist goals. Bravo.

For the past decade, this has been the feminist’s lament: How do we identify the line where feminism becomes a marketing strategy for the very patriarchy it nominally opposes—selling a non-threatening agenda that doesn’t buck the status quo? It’s often hard to tell reclamation from capitulation, and easier to rely on shorthand symbols like, say, the color pink and “you go girl” sloganeering; it’s tempting to assume that everyone’s on the same ideological page. By the time you realize that’s not the case, you’ve already purchased hundreds of dollars of carcinogenic cosmetics and applauded NFL players accused of sexual assault for courageously donning pink shoes.

Read the entire article here —



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