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Study shows people view women as a collection of body parts

From — a really great resource of all sorts of new research, NEW research on the objectification of women! Who knew. See the posting here:

Study shows people view women as a collection of body parts.

The article, which was just published, is titled “Seeing women as objects: The sexual body part recognition bias.” It’s a collaboration between international scholars from the U.S., the Netherlands, and Italy including Sarah J. Gervais, Theresa K. Vescio, Jens FÖrster, Anne Maass, and Caterina Suitner. They state:

In the present research, we introduced and tested the sexual body part recognition bias hypothesis that states that women’s (versus men’s) bodies are reduced to their sexual body parts.

The article is published in European Journal of Social Psychology, Eur. J. Soc. Psychol. (2012) by Wiley Online Library ( DOI: 10.1002/ejsp.1890

Here’s the link to article for UConn community (requires authentication)


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