From HBR: “Feminine” Values Can Give Tomorrow’s Leaders an Edge (…good grief)

What to think about this kind of analysis and the descriptive terms they choose to use… And just who (read what “gender”) are those “leaders” that this article and research study are hoping to give this “edge”? Oy.

Are we perpetually stuck in this binary world of “feminine” and “masculine”? But then if we don’t label them as female traits, would that be more harmful to women’s forward (inch by inch) movement to equality? With the chart below, I can foresee that in a few years these valuable abilities may well be taken over by the patriarchy and it will be as if they (read men in power and the media that supports them) were always like that. I predict. Too many questions.

Curious as to how leaders could “think more like women,” we asked half our sample — 32,000 people around the world — to classify 125 different human characteristics as either masculine, feminine or neither, while the other half rated the same words (without gendering) on their importance to leadership, success, morality and happiness. Statistical modeling revealed strong consensus that what people felt was “feminine” they also deemed essential to leading in an increasingly social, interdependent and transparent world.


Check out this HBR Guest blog post.


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