UConn Stamford : Women’s Studies Events, Fall 2010

UConn Stamford has a very active Women’s Studies Program.  This Fall they are hosting four special talks on fascinating topics.

Monday, September 27
4 pm
MPR (Room 108)
“Oscar Wilde and a Mother of Great Importance”  Lecture by Professor Margaret Stetz, University of Delaware. This lecture will invite the audience to consider more closely how Oscar Wilde, who is often seen in terms of his significance to men, was a figure of great importance to the world of women.
Thursday, October 7
7 pm
Schreiber Reading Room.
“Like There’s No Tomorrow” Lecture and performance by internationally acclaimed lesbian playwright Carolyn Gage.  “The work of an experienced and esteemed playwright like Carolyn Gage is the air that modern theatre needs.—Jewelle Gomez, author of The Gilda Stories, San Francisco Arts Commissioner.
Tuesday, October 19
6 pm
MPR (Room 108)
“Challenges and Obstacles Faced by Latina Domestic Violence Survivors” by Professor Jenny Rivera, CUNY School of Law.  In 1993 Professor Rivera clerked for then District Judge Sonia Sotomayor.   She is the founder and Director of the Law School’s Center on Latino and Latina Rights and Equality (CLORE). Professor Rivera is a former Administrative Law Judge of the New York State Division of Human Rights, a former member of the New York City Commission on Human Rights, and served as the Special Deputy Attorney General for Civil Rights for New York State Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo. —co-sponsored by DVCC
Wednesday, Nov. 3
4 pm
MPR (Room 108)
“Empowering Afghan Women and Girls: Women for Afghan Women’s Community-Based Approach” by Sunita Viswanath.  Sunita Viswanath is a co-founder and board member of Women for Afghan Women, and editor of Women for Afghan Women: Shattering Myths and Claiming the Future (Palgrave/St. Martins Press).

Explaining India’s Deficit of Girls : online discussion at PRB Thursday 6/11 at 1 pm

arrow right Updated: Transcript available at : http://discuss.prb.org/content/interview/detail/3485/

Population Reference Bureau PRB Discuss.

Chat online with Leela Visaria, researcher and president of the Asian Population Association, on the Asian countries imbalance of genders and the implications for the future.  June 11, 2009, 1 pm EDT.

India, along with China and several other countries, has a history of neglect for girls and women that produced lower female survival rates and an imbalanced ratio of males to females.

In recent years, male-to-female sex ratios at birth and among children in India have increased much more than can be explained solely by discrimination against girls. There is evidence that technologies like portable sonogram machines have made it easy to detect sex of a fetus, enabling families to abort a female fetus if they do not want a(nother) daughter. In spite of a ban on sex-detection tests and sex-selective abortion, the practice has continued, raising questions about the value and rights of women in this society.

Join Leela Visaria, researcher and president of the Asian Population Association, as she answers your questions about the issues surrounding the status of women and the imbalanced ratio of males to females in India.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson speaking at UConn 4/28/2009

Dear Readers,

I received this email today:

Dear Fellow UConn Community Members,

On Tuesday, April 28, 2009, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson will be speaking at
the Torrey Life Sciences Building, Room 154 at 6:00PM. Admission is free.

Rev. Peterson’s address, which will examine how Barack Obama drew on
racist feelings within the black community and defrauding the white
community, is a stop on his “Stop Obama’s Socialist Agenda” tour. His
address will be followed by an interactive Q&A Session. Rev. Peterson is a respected contributor to Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC. He is also known for being the founder of BOND and BOND-Action, writing several books on political and spiritual topics, and for being a talk radio personality.

Rev. Peterson is well known for delivering especially thoughtful and
charismatic addresses. This opportunity to examine the underconsidered
realm of black conservative politics is organized by the UConn Chapter of
College Republicans with funding generously provided by USG. We hope to
see you there.

For further information about the College Republicans Chapter, we
encourage you to visit: http://www.uconncollegerepublicans.com

More information about Rev. Peterson and his political philosophy may be
found at BOND-Actions official site: www.bondaction.org/


Joseph Dilling
Finance Director and Event Coordinator, College Republicans

As I don’t watch FoxNews and am unfamiliar with Peterson, I searched google besides going to the Bond site mentioned in the email. Below, please find an article written by the Reverend himself.

Why fathers leave

Why fathers leave
Posted: June 16, 2007
1:00 am Eastern

By Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson
© 2009 WorldNetDaily.com

One in three American children live in fatherless homes. One out of three.

This is a national disaster. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Justice, Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Census Bureau: 63 percent of all youth suicides; 71 percent of pregnant teenagers; 85 percent of all youth in prisons; 90 percent of all homeless and runaway children; and 71 percent of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes.

Those sobering numbers represent the “what” of fatherless homes. Perhaps you have heard some of these numbers before. But what you haven’t heard is the “why” of fatherless homes. There’s a reason you haven’t.

Why do fathers leave their children?

Continue reading

April 28 : Equal Pay Day 2009

Equal Pay Day – Tuesday, April 28, 2009. What does that mean?

Do the math.

It takes a woman:

January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008
+ January 1, 2009 through April 28, 2009
to earn what a man would earn in the calendar year 2008

Are you outraged?

Blog for Fair Pay 2009

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Women’s History Month

Even though Women’s History is celebrated and studied all months of the year, March is the officially designated time to showcase our work and accomplishments locally, nationally, and globally. It’s a history that has been unknown to most, invisible to many historians, and so valuable for our daughters and sons. Our young girls need to know that they have the shoulders of great women to stand on.

I’ve created a guide to showcase Women’s History sites on the Web and welcome you to send me even more to add. I hope you enjoy going to some of these places and learning about the amazing women who have blazed these trails. In March, I’ll be going to the Brooklyn Museum of Art to see Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Local events will be posted here and on the Guide. Enjoy!

Tess Bird, feminist poet, spoke at Sunken Garden Poetry Festival

On June 25, 2008, our own UConn Women’s Studies grad, Tess Bird, read several of her poems at the Hillstead Museum’s Sunken Garden Poetry Festival. She was one of the winners in the Connecticut Poetry Circuit competition. Her feminist strength came through in all the poems but I especially liked her last poem where she speaks of her final letter to someone who had been the recipient of many letters from her but had not responded.

She performed with wonderful drama — punctuating her words with a little movement and beautiful intonation. I’d love to hear more!

There were 4 other winners who read as well. Following the Circuit, Coleman Barks read from his translations of Rumi accompanied by electronic cello.

There are a few more of these wonderful evenings of poetry left this summer– check the link above.

The garden was designed by Beatrix Farrand and the house architect was Theodate Pope Riddle.  To visit other places in Connecticut which feature many amazing women, follow the Connecticut Women’s Heritage Trail.

Bravo, Tess!

Joan B. Kroc Institute For Peace&Justice: Womens Peacemaker Conference

Joan B. Kroc Institute For Peace&Justice: Womens Peacemaker Conference

Peace Conference logo

IPJ Women PeaceMakers Conference

Crafting Human Security in an Insecure World

An international working conference to probe and address global acquiescence to impunity, gender violence and exclusion that continues to obstruct peacebuilding and deny human security.
September 24 – 26, 2008
Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice

San Diego, CA
Co-Convened by:

Submit an application
The horrifying scope and magnitude of abuse in spite of good intentions of peacemakers and peacebuilders demands constant examination. The eruption of gender violence and the denial of human dignity to those caught in international struggles to end conflict and gain human rights are inexcusable. Human security must be achieved to bring the human community together to tackle the common problems that lie ahead for this small planet.

Successful strategies for overcoming cycles of conflict and exploitation will be illuminated and expanded in this international working conference. Delegates should be engaged in research, policymaking, peacbuilding and peacekeeping related to:

  • Ending cycles of conflict through gender inclusive peacebuilding.
  • Protecting civilians in armed conflict from violence, including sexual violence.
  • Enforcing justice over impunity at all stages of conflict transformation.


The conference fee, excluding travel and accommodations, is $180.00 general delegate, $100.00 NGO delegate from developing conflict country, and $60.00 student delegate. The fee includes two lunches, one dinner, two receptions, programs and informational materials, and daily transportation to and from hotels partners of the event. (A limited number of scholarships will be available for students serving as note-takers.)

Application Process:

There is a two-step process to participate in the conference:

Step One:
Submit an Application
(March 17 – Sept. 12, 2008)
Note: ONLY accepted applicants will be invited to complete the second step (Registration and Conference Fee Payment).

Step Two:
Registration and Conference Fee Payment
(March 17 – Sept. 19, 2008)
Accepted applicants will be notified by email and sent a link to complete the conference registration form and pay the conference fee.

If you would like to support us with a donation, please contact Andrea Bell at (619) 260-7509 or abell@sandiego.edu.

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