Updated: Guide to Global and Transnational Women’s Activism from Rutgers

Great guide!

Global and Transnational Women’s Activism from Rutgers University.

Transnational as well as country specific sites, organized by continent. Contains documents, publications, statistics, and much more from Women’s Activists around the world.

Very fine collection. Many thanks to Kayo Denda, Women’s Studies Librarian at Rutgers.


Activists at work

Landmine activist/parkour tries to cross Central London without touching the ground – Boing Boing

I’m so grateful to people who can take an important issue that is so far removed from most of our lives and make it real to us. In London, it may be possible to go all around the city without touching the ground — though difficult. But for those of us who live in rural areas this would be absolutely impossible. Voila. The connection is made. Bravo to Dangerous Ground.

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